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Training Formats
Training services include webinars, guided online courses, self-paced on demand courses and workshops.


  1. Webinars: 1 hour live sessions with Q&A

  2. Self-Paced on Demand: Self paced courses including written material, resources and slides. Customizable online courses for Organizations and Executive Education programs.

  3. Guided Online Courses: 2 week sessions including peer to peer interactions, written material resources and slides provided, one on one session with instructor.

  4. Workshops: Live 1/2 and whole day sessions for organizations and to be scheduled across North America and Europe based on the Engaged Thinking program and map (includes a series of discussions, activities and design sessions based on the Engaged Thinking framework).


Training Modules: Engaged Thinking, Moving from Systems to Engaged Thinking, Open Innovation, Meaningful Engagement of Stakeholders, Leading for Engagement, Managing your Organizational Knowledge, Enabling the Learning Organization, The Engagement Continuum, Design Thinking for Impactful Engagement, Behaviour Change through Engagement

Virtual Team Meeting
Giving a Presentation

Consulting Services
Our consulting services include client specific workshop development and product design strategies based on the engaged thinking principles. Clients include the private sector, NGOs and/or public agencies interested in better understanding theories of engagement.


  1. Whole consumer and employee needs assessment

  2. Designing engagement strategies

  3. Designing products/services for engagement

  4. Creating the human centered organization

  5. Leading and engaging on purpose

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