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why we started engaged thinking...


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Let your users get to know you.

Welcome To Engaged Thinking
A Human Centered Approach to Innovation

Engaging your Intellectual Capital Assets (the Greatest Asset are your People) in Purpose Driven Innovation©


Engaged thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation. Its objective is to generate value by holistically engaging employees, consumers, and organizational systems (the intellectual capital assets of an organization), from the design to launch of products and services. Join our network as we create value:

  1. For the leader and innovator engaging employees and consumers in sustainable innovation.

  2. For the entrepreneur seeking new connections and shared purpose.

  3. And for our communities, as we design a purpose-filled, sustainable life for all. 


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Dr. Minna Allarakhia


Tuesdays in 30 Minutes (TM)


Our goal this year is to activate women through “Actions for Good” and to recognize all women (young, mid-career, women in leadership, women as caregivers, women writing their third chapter) driving small to large actions for good at home, at work and in our communities. Our Tuesdays in 30 Minutes (30 minutes together virtually, one activity, one discussion, free from 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm EST) will bring together women globally to talk and connect on issues of relevance.

Upcoming topics for our Tuesdays in 30 Minutes.

January 23rd Women Matter-Women Reshaping our World
February 6th 360 Degrees of Health-Nurtured by Nature
February 20th: Advocacy for Women’s Health at Work
March 5th: The Economic Well-Being of Women-Finding your Voice in the Female Economy
April 2nd: The Science of Purpose-In Search of Meaningful Careers
April 16th: Women in Innovation-Inspiring Women to Pursue Careers as Change-Makers in Innovation
April 30th: Women Helping Women-Local and Global Perspectives

Add the Tuesdays in 30 Minutes sessions to your calendar. Join when you can and receive the recordings to listen at your convenience. We look forward to the possibility of e-meeting you in one of our upcoming sessions!

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Engaged Thinking Academy Course:
Leading and Engaging on Purpose

Coming Soon

This course is intended to be a journey of self discovery and renewed confidence to connect with your value and beliefs to "lead and engage on purpose". Leading on purpose has relevance for your personal life, your family, your community, and your organization.


In this short course you will:

Better understand yourself and reconnect with your values and beliefs.
Learn about the science of purpose.
Consider how you can create a good life for yourself and others-through global citizenship and prosocial actions, expressing more gratitude, and living sustainably.

We will discuss how to think and work larger in your organization and community through innovation, corporate social responsibility, and the sustainable development goals. To do this you will: 
Assess all of the human skills you already have and need to develop as a leader to support your journey and others in their journey including human centered and moral leadership.
And begin to write the next chapter in your life with confidence-to lean into purpose as leaders, empower those who need to be empowered, and embed purpose into your organization.

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Engaged Thinking Academy Course: 
Engaging Employees on Sustainability: From Mindset to Innovation


A journey that starts from mindset development and the personalization of sustainability to employee engagement in greening the workplace and designing for sustainability. 

Building the sustainable living mindset by connecting sustainability to personal health and well-being.
Driving responsible consumption and sustainable living through financial wellness and purposeful living.
Engaging employees to design their vision of sustainable workplaces that support employee wellness and institute responsible practices.
Empowering employees to design products and services for sustainability; giving a voice to more women at the innovation table and through green teams.


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