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Leading and Engaging People across the High Tech Innovation Value Chain

Engaged thinking, high tech innovation, and entrepreneurship

Engaging consumer capital in value proposition development

Designing effective engagement strategies

Meaningful stakeholder engagement 

From systems thinking to engaged thinking 

Leading for engagement of human capital

Creating and supporting the learning organization

Designing products and services for "whole consumer" engagement  

Colorful Balls
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Empowered Women 4 Good

Supporting a journey of self discovery and renewed confidence to connect women with their unique gifts and strengths

Empowering women to create a good life for themselves and others-be it the woman looking for new opportunities in her life and for those around her, the Venture-Her and the Mompreneur, the Innovate-Her, and the Woman moving into Leadership

Crafty Woman
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Engaging People across the Sustainable Innovation Value Chain

Driving business model innovation to support sustainability

Engaging employees and consumers in designing for sustainability

Engaging consumers across the design, development, usage, and product end of life continuum

Designing effective engagement strategies

Creating and supporting the learning organization

The impact of employee/consumer persona on driving behaviour change

Designing products and services with a view to life cycle thinking and the circular economy

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Transitioning Women into Sustainability

Enabling women to work larger through their organizations and community with a focus on women-centered innovation, sustainable innovation, and social innovation

Encouraging more women into leadership through soft skill development, story-telling, mentorship and connections to women smart organizations

Green Buildings
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