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Personalizing Sustainability

Building the sustainability mindset. Empowering women to innovate through greening the workplace and green product/service design.

Image by Austin Distel

Engaging Employees: From Mindset to Sustainable Innovation


Business Model Re-Innovation

Image by Nefeli Kavvada

Designing for Sustainability

Engaging Employees: From Mindset to Sustainable Innovation

Engaging employees from mindset development to sustainable innovation. Personalizing sustainability through wellness. Exploring physical, emotional, and financial wellness through sustainable living. The objective is to encourage employees to develop their personal sustainable living mindset and leverage this mindset at work through innovation-including greening the workspace and engaging in green product design.

Business Model Re-Innovation

Re-thinking your business model including: 
Value proposition based on the 5Ps: purpose, people, planet, prosperity, and partnerships. 
Value Chain Redesign for Inclusiveness and Sustainability.
Building a Culture of Innovation.

Leveraging Systems Thinking and the R Opportunities for End of Life Product Management. 
Designing for the Environment.
Building your Sustainable Business Model Innovation Map.

Designing for the Environment

Designing products and services for sustainability. 
Engaging consumers in sustainable innovation. 

Driving consumer behavior change through design.
Leveraging the Sustainability Design Wheel. 
Designing for the circular economy. 
Engaging employees through sustainable innovation.
Driving innovation through design thinking and design sprints. 

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