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HER Larger Purpose

Defining HER larger purpose and engaging
in purposeful innovation.

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Empowering the Whole Woman

Writing a Sticky Note

She Designs the Way Forward

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Women Lead-HERs and Venture-HERS

Empowered Women 4 Good:
Empowering the WHOLE WOMAN

Short courses to support personal development for the whole woman. In raising ourselves into leadership, we need to first empower our personal selves. These short, live 60 minute courses include:


The Science of Purpose, Self Confidence and Being Authentic, The Potential of your Human Skills as a Woman, Rising above the Imposter Syndrome, Communicating to Influence Others, Building Creativity, Critical, and Systems Thinking Skills, Leaning into Your Personal Story to find New Opportunities, Negotiating from a Position of Strength, Designing on Purpose, Becoming the Human Centered LeadHER

The Science of Purpose for Women

This course is intended to be a journey of self discovery and renewed confidence to connect women with their unique gifts and strengths and to support women to design their purpose driven life including:
How women can create a good life for themselves and others-be it the Woman looking for new opportunities in her life and for those around her, the Venture-Her and the Mompreneur, the Innovate-Her, and the Woman in Leadership
How women can think and work larger through their organizations and community. Recognizing the human skills women already have and need to develop to support their personal journey or career based journey of purpose. By the end of this course, women will write the next chapter in their lives with confidence

Women Lead-HERS and Venture-HERS

The course is structured around discussions, reflections and assessments, as we consider opportunities for women leaders and entrepreneurs to develop an appreciative and empathetic style of leadership, learn to engage the whole employee, use their own stories and experiences to design for the whole consumer, and create social as well as sustainable value through stakeholder engagement and product/service design.


As a nuanced view, the course will consider how the creation of social, shared or sustainability driven value, may present themselves as branding opportunities for women lead-HERS and venture-HERS.

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