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About Us

Engaged thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation.


Engaged Thinking Associates is a training and consulting organization. Engaged Thinking is a woman driven company empowering organizations and leaders to value human centeredness, leverage business models where people, purpose and prosperity are at the heart of organizational activities, and where a mindset for and innovative culture enable sustainable design in new products.

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The Engaged Thinking Academy

The Engaged Thinking Academy is the training arm of Engaged Thinking Associates. We have developed the engaged thinking framework based on a decade of research with our partners to enable organizations to holistically consider the needs of employees and customers alike across the innovation and product value chains.

About Dr. Minna Allarakhia

Dr. Minna Allarakhia is the founder of Engaged Thinking Associates. Dr. Allarakhia's 20 years of professional experiences encompass enabling open innovation and consumer centricity in the design of products ans services, change management, designing for the environment in the sustainability sector, the empowerment of women and social innovation with focus on the base of the pyramid.


Her past experiences include working with personnel from Imperial, Union Gas, Coca-Cola,  GM, Nokia, SAP, IBM, Dell, Peoples Group, TD,  BMO, Scotiabank,  PwC, Department of National Defence,  City of London,  London Life, Humber College, McMaster University, City of Burlington, City of Oakville, City of Ottawa, and the City of Guelph.


She is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brown University. 

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