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Engaging Thinking: A Human Centered Approach to Innovation 

Engaged thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation. Its objective is to generate value by holistically engaging people-namely employees, consumers, and communities, from the design to launch of products and services. Expanding beyond the boundaries of the organization, Engaged Thinking seeks to connect to and engage global stakeholders and communities for human centered innovation. The journey can be mapped as follows: Designing the Human Centered Organization, Leading the Human Centered Organization and Driving Human Centered Innovation.


Our programs and frameworks explore the concept of Engaged Thinking through videos, discussions, case studies, readings, through the introduction of relevant frameworks, and key takeaways. By the end of this program, you will have a variety of tools available to begin the Engaged Thinking discussion within your organizations. The learning pathway includes the following short courses over a 8 week period including videos, exercises and live sessions at the end of each week with our instructors. Participants will use the Engaged Thinking canvas to create actionable and contextually relevant strategies for building the Human Centered Organization.

Course 1: Understanding Engaged Thinking and its Application
Course 2: Progressing from Systems Thinking to Engaged Thinking
Course 3: Leveraging Open Innovation and Designing for Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement
Course 4: Leading the Human Centered Organization
Course 5: Building a Culture of Learning and Engaging Employees across the Innovation Value Chain
Course 6: Enabling Knowledge Sharing and Creating Value through Knowledge Transactions 
Course 7: Designing Products and Services for the Whole Consumer and Behavior Change
Course 8: Designing for Sustainability and Impact 

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