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Tuesdays in 30 Minutes: What the Whole Woman Needs from HER Organization to be Healthy

Please find below the cart sort activity we completed as we explored what support women need from their organizations across the 360 Degrees to Health. What support does your organization currently provide across these health needs? How can you initiate further discussion on designing "The Woman Smart Organization" where leaders and managers are clearly paying attention to the health and well-being of their women. 

Women Smart Organizations are driven by the mindset that gender equality is supported by a culture where empathy, compassion, and deep connections exist, and where learning, engaging and innovating on purpose are critical to business and social value creation. Women will have a voice in these organizations, from culture design and innovation, to program and product development, stakeholder, partner and consumer engagement and in leadership. Notably, women are championed in these organizations across their professional journeys with a view to equally strengthening the personal well-being of women. The Woman Smart Organization adheres to the principles of:

  • Seeing the Whole Woman

  • Empowering Women in Learning and Ensuring that Women are Supported on a Path to Growth

  • Enabling the Health and Well-Being of the Whole Women

  • Fostering a Culture of Inclusivity for All Women and

  • Engaging Women on Purpose and Innovation

  • Championing and Mentoring All Women into Leadership

Use these cards to assess how well your organization is supporting first and foremost the health and well-being of women. Assess gaps and new opportunities including by asking the women in your organization what they need to thrive professionally and personally.


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