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Tuesdays in 30 Minutes: Women in the Well-Being Economy

Women in the Well-Being Economy
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As society builders, women are uniquely positioned to actively participate in and benefit from the well-being economy. In this economy, women must be empowered to share their voices on holistic well-being, connectedness, and sustainability in our communities.

In the well-being economy, women’s health must be a priority across all of the stages of her health and dimensions of wellness. This includes education access, financial independence, empowerment at work and empowerment at home.

Beyond financial equality for women, work-life balance policies are critical to support women in care-giving roles. Ultimately, the participation of women in the economy results in greater productivity and societal well-being, but we must ensure women remain healthy.

This year, we hope to first empower women to create circles of positivity to support themselves and others in their networks for physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being.

Then activating women through “Her Actions for Good” to lead small to large actions that drive sustainability at home, in our communities, in our workplaces, through diversity, equity and inclusion across value chains, through the UN SDGs, innovation and designing for sustainability, as well as leadership development for all women.


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